Friday, 27 December 2013


1. Being introduced the wonderful world of twitter by @judeenright
2. Being initially confused by (and then falling in love with!) The Teachmeet concept
3. Having to get over my fears and present at both the Greenford inspiring teachers TeachMeet and my first official TeachMeet on 5th July
4. Striving for sustainably outstanding teaching and learning in my classroom so I can try and have a life beyond my job SO THAT I could...
5. Join the Hillingdon Philharmonic Orchestra and Hillingdon Choral Society - both full of such lovely people!)
6. Continuing to develop as a middle leader through experience and Teaching Leaders
7. Completing the fourth module of my Masters in Science Education at King's College and starting on my dissertation...
8. Swimming, biking and running further than I ever have before in two sprint triathlons
9. Getting engaged
10. Leading an 'inspiring teachers' group on high impact teaching and learning as part of our inset at school
11. Working with Zoe Elder (@fullonlearning) at school and Bill Lucas (@TLOlimited) at Teaching Leaders on action research projects
12. Being reduced to tears on more than one occasion by students in my form and classes when they talk about their home lives, and yet they show up every day with a smile on their face wanting to learn
13. Standing up for the future of British education by speaking at the rally in the North West regional strike and taking part in the October strike

1. Dedicate more time to my action research project, I've noticed so many things because of it but struggle to fit it in!
2. Find more ways of making my students truly independent so they can cope even after they have left school behind
3. Keep blogging and sharing teaching ideas - teaching is all about the magpie-ing @kohlmand!
4. Do more high quality self and peer-assessment in lessons
5. Do an olympic distance triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run - 29th June in Marlow, why did I think this was a good idea...)
6. Get married
7. Finish my Masters in Science Education and the Teaching Leaders programme
8. Attend Pedagoo London
9. Present at another TeachMeet
10. Hold people to account more
11. Observe others more, and be observed, in an informal capacity (I did this with a colleague from Maths last term and we both said it was the most useful observation and feedback we'd ever had!)
12. Start building a teaching and learning portfolio with video evidence of my teaching (even though the thought of this scares me witless) and examples of student work
13. Work out how to motivate my middle set GCSE classes...
14. Learn how to mentally switch off from school sometimes and stop 'sweating the small stuff' so I can be the best teacher I can possibly be but also remember that I am a partner, daughter and friend (amongst other things!) to people as well

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