Monday, 30 December 2013

NPQML National College Leading Teaching - reflections on theme 2: Leadership and Effective Teams

Successful teams:
Trust, open communication, common purpose and shared values, focus, commitment, collaboration, regular interaction, development of teaching and learning
Leaders should focus their influence, their learning and their relationships with teachers on the core business of teaching and learning

Effect sizes of the five dimensions (greatest to least):
1.       Promoting teaching learning and development (both promoting and participating formally and informally)
2.       Establishing goals and expectations (even in the face of multiple, conflicting demands) AND ensuring high quality teaching  (by planning, coordinating and evaluating teaching and the curriculum)
3.       Strategic resourcing (allocating material and staffing resources in a way that is aligned with pedagogical purposes)
4.       Orderly and supportive environment (clear and consistently enforced expectations and discipline codes)

1.       I think it is important to remember the 'promoting AND participating' aspect of development. I want to show that I am also in the process of developing in order to encourage my team to do the same.
2.       The point about 'multiple, conflicting demands' is interesting and reflects what teachers are faced with on a daily basis. It is still worth taking the time to focus on building a successful team despite all the other pressures.

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