Monday, 30 December 2013

NPQML National College Leading Teaching - reflections on account of practice 8: Behaviour Management

How do Tony Walsop and Sarah Lockyer ensure that members of their teams are consistent in their approach to behaviour management?
·         Be clear on whole school approach and what that means in the classroom. High expectations and performance management - each teacher is ultimately in control, don't allow standards to fall because it is the easier route. Instead take the time to plan for good behaviour
·         Discuss previous experiences and learn from this with colleagues
·         Model (don't just tell people what to do) - invite others to observe and sharing strategies that have worked, buddy up in pairs for team observation and coaching. All of this should build confidence in terms of behaviour management
·         Lesson observations, learning walks, analysis of on call system, marking scrutiny for quality assurance and consistency of the learning experience
·         Building relationships outside of the classroom - share strategies with students and parents
·         Feedback and evaluation from staff observations, student voice

What can you learn in terms of your leadership of your team in ensuring consistency? What impact will this have on your practice? How will you measure its effectiveness?
1.       Model and share strategies - invite people in to see my best practice and encourage others to go and see best practice that is happening elsewhere in the department
2.       Encourage staff to share strategies with parents (e.g. slips in planners, emails/phone calls home)

3.       Seek feedback from staff on whether changes have been beneficial, perhaps anonymously via surveymonkey

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