Sunday, 13 November 2016

Magic Marking

1. Invest in some sheets of stickers/labels - maybe treat yourself to some coloured ones so feedback stands out to students
2. Measure your borders on your sheet of labels and set custom borders on microsoft word to match
3. Measure the height of each sticker and create a table in word with the same heights
4. Take in student summary sheets and do a general review - what are the common strengths, targets and questions? Put these in a separate word document
5. Working split screen (minimise each word doc and drag the left or right and they will 'click' into half your screen) put student name followed by the appropriate strength, target and question
6. Pile up student work in the same order you are creating the labels
7. Print labels (and leave to dry for a few minutes to avoid smudges)
8. Stick labels on student work

Approx time for 30 students: 1 hour (with the added advantage they can read the feedback instead of asking what something says because of my handwriting...)

Summary sheets completed by students and reviewed for common STQ

Personalised STQ added to label template in word

Labels printed and added to student work

N.b. This requires you to have created a summary sheet for marking in the first place though - this way you can mark the reviewed content from several lessons at once. This could be done under exam conditions in class by students or for homework.